How to Reduce Pore Size

By 10 February 2017

Exfoliation to Reduce Pore Size

Exfoliating on a regular basis will definitely give the appearance of shrinking pores. If you are routinely getting the dead skin cells, which get clogged in your pores, off of your skin, your pores will avoid getting stretched out daily. Use a clean washcloth with your daily cleanser to help gently exfoliate your skin.


Microdermabrasion will remove the outer layer of skin and, with the help of suction, help clear away the blackheads that cause the appearance of enlarged pores. This is one of the more expensive methods for decreasing the appearance of large pores and often involves making an appointment with a professional. Microdermabrasion has also been shown to improve collagen production and fight large pores from an anti-aging standpoint.

Consider Retinols

Retinols are derived from Vitamin A and are easily found in over-the-counter products. What’s great about Retinols is their ability to penetrate the skin’s layers. They can literally start transforming your skin before it even hits the surface. Retinols are typically found in anti-aging product lines and can cause some peeling and sensitive skin, so start with only using it every other or every third day until you see how your skin reacts.

Baking Soda Exfoliation for Large Pores

To close large pores, mix two tablespoon of baking soda to a cup of warm water. Apply this baking soda toner on nose, chin and forehead to remove dead skin cells and get clear and closed pores.

Salt and Buttermilk

Buttermilk has lactic acid, which is a skin exfoliant, and hence great for treating dead skin cells and grime that could be trapped inside large pores. Take buttermilk and add some salt to this. Mix to form a paste and rub on the affected area for a few minutes. Leave it on for fifteen minutes after this. Rinse off with water. This will help in keeping the skin free of dirt and excess oils.

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