Detox your liver to lose belly fat

By 12 February 2017

Herbal supplements:

  • turmeric is a spice which helps your liver to get rid of toxins, when consumed either in foods or by taking capsules that contain it;
  • tablets of dandelion roots are also recommended – they prevent indigestion and the swelling of your liver;
  • there are certain substances which are dangerous for your liver cells; in order to prevent their production, it is advisable to consume milk thistle (doses of 140mg are recommended);
  • sometimes, your liver tissue needs regeneration – if you want to stimulate it, you should consume globe artichoke.

Change your lifestyle!

There are certain things you do on a daily basis and which affect your liver.

It is recommended to avoid certain foods: reduce the amount of dairy and meat, try not to eat so many processed foods and never consume fast food, it is maybe the worst thing you do for your health.

This type of food contains lots of chemicals and thus produces toxins that your liver cannot keep the pace with when it comes to getting rid of them.

What you have to do is to drink a lot of water – it aids to the elimination of toxins.

Also, try to reduce the stress, avoid the situations that cause it, because it is closely related to your digestive system and it can crucially affect it.

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